Rethinking the Concept of Sustainability

The role of business ethics in developing more sustainable societies is crucial, but we first have to review the concept of sustainability itself and its ethical roots. The objective of this work is to rethink the current concept of sustainability by providing it with a sound universalistic ethical rationale. We propose that ethics is the key by which disputes and conflicts among the economic, social, and environmental domains can and ought to be resolved. This work argues that if we fail to recognize the essential ethical grounding of sustainability, or if we take it for granted, then sustainability can easily lose its way and can end up unjustified.


Bañón, Alexis; Guillén, Alexis; Hoffman, Michael & McNulty, Robert (2011). “Rethinking the Concept of Sustainability”. Business and Society Review, 116(2): 171-191.


Business and Society Review (2011)