The IECO-UNESCO International Chair in Management, Governance, Trust and Otherness was set up by the UNESCO Heritage & Alterité Club at IECO. The Chair is associated with the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia through the Valencia Campus of International Excellence. Its main mission is to run the IECO’s national and international academic and professional training programs.

The Chair seeks to make the content of the research work of IECO members available to the university community and a wider audience through activities ranging from postgraduate courses to seminars for professionals in a given sector or organization.

The IECO-UNESCO Chair steering committee consists of:

Director: Manuel Guillén, PhD., University of Valencia, IECO Director

Assistant Directors:  Alexis Bañón, PhD., Polytechnic University of Valencia, IECO Postdoctoral Researcher and Ignacio Gil Pechuán, PhD.,Polytechnic University of Valencia, IECO Postdoctoral Researcher

Institutional Director: José Osuna, Chair of the UNESCO Heritage & Alterité Club

Web of the IECO-UNESCO Chair in the Universitat of València