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SYMPOSIUM – 16th Annual Global Business Ethics

Business and Social Media: Opportunities and Risks

Social media has become a pervasive communications tool for billions of people across the globe. Businesses, too, use a variety of social media platforms to engage with their stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, and consumers. But it is increasingly clear that social media has a “light” and a “dark” side. What are the ethical and strategic risks and opportunities businesses face as they seek to avail themselves of the great potential of social media, without becoming inadvertently ensnared in the growing web of problems undermining it? How should businesses engage with their stakeholders in a productive and responsible way?

The Symposium will take place online over two days, November 12th and November 13th. We have some very exciting speakers on the program, including Elliot Schrage, former Vice-President of Communications and Public Policy at Facebook (in conversation with Professor Jeff Gulati), Hannah Grove, Chief Marketing Officer at State Street, and Jānis Sārts, Director of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence. Our panelists include a range of outstanding contributors to academia and practice, including some of Bentley’s faculty and staff.

The event is free for all, and you are welcome to attend some or all of it as your schedule permits. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend.




The event is hosted by the W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics, with the generous support of the State Street Foundation. This two-day symposium is the 16th in a multi-year partnership.


18 Jul 2024


15:15 - 19:00

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