Manuel Guillén Parra

Manuel Guillén Parra

  • Founder and Director
  • Director of the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics
  • University of Valencia

Manuel Guillén is the founder and principal researcher of IECO. He specializes in the area of creating trust in organizations. He holds a PhD in Economics and Business from the University of Valencia (1998) and a degree in Business Administration from the same university. He is a Regular Visiting Scholar at Bentley University (Massachusetts), and has been a Visiting Scholar at IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain), St. Thomas University (Minnesota), Notre Dame University (Indiana) and RCC at Harvard University (Massachusetts).

Dr. Guillén Parra is currently a Tenured Professor of Management in the Juan José Renau Piqueras Department of Business Administration at the University of Valencia. He is the Director of the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics. For eight years he has been the secretary of the Spanish branch of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN).

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