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Donna Hicks, Harvard University.

Frank Daly, Bentley University.

Michael G. Pratt, Boston College.

Santiago Martínez, (IECO) Valencia University.

William English, Harvard University (Moderator).

On April 4, 2016 the fourth International Colloquium IECO-RCC addressed the “Building trust in organizations through meaningful work”. Once again, the activity has been organized by the Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO) at the University of Valencia and the Real Colegio Complutense (RCC) at Harvard University. This time, the question of trust and meaningful work, inspired a lively debate between the speakers and the public.

Panel members discussed the meaning of work and meaningful work, stressing the importance of the relationship of the worker to his daily work, and the direction in which it is performed each task. Panelists stressed that those who do their work with a deeper sense more fully develop has human beings and, eventually, earn the trust of others more easily. It was also emphasized that trust is not only a consequence but also a cause, or prerequisite, of a dignifying work. And it facilitates discovering the intrinsic value of each activity, its deepest sense. The presence of this genuine sense especially encourages the pursuit of excellence in professional performance and personal development.

Videos recorded by Media & Technology Services, Harvard University.

1. Building Trust in Organizations through Meaningful work

2. William English: A brief introduction to the idea of meaningful work

3. Francis J. Daly: The value of trustworthy and meaningful work

4. Michael G. Pratt: Fostering meaningfulness and trust at work: promises and pitfalls

5. Donna Hicks: The role of dignity in building trust through meaningful work

6. Santiago Martínez: Loving through work: a way of dignifying professional work

7. Participants’ short testimonial: Putting ideas into practice: making meaningful work

8. Answers from the panelists: The key to build trust through meaningful work