Carlos M. Moreno



Carlos M. Moreno Pérez holds a PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences from the University of Barcelona and a BA in Philosophy from the same university. He also holds a degree in Theology from the School of Theology of Catalonia and a degree in Greek Language and Literature from the National Distance Education University (UNED). He has been an IECO Research Fellow at Harvard University (RCC). Carlos M. has been a Senior Researcher in the research group “Organization, People and Change” in the Department of Psychology at Ramon Llull University (2018-2010) and Coordinator of the Person and Literature Group of the Ramon LLull Chair (2001-1995). He has also studied ethical leadership and its deontological consequences.

Since 1991, he has taught at the Faculty of Psychology, Educational Science and Physical Activities in Sport at Ramon Llull University. He has been a professor of Leadership and Applied Ethics in Organizations at the Universities of Örebro (Sweden) and Coimbra (Portugal). He is a member of EBEN-Europe and EBEN-Spain where he has been a member of the Steering Committee. He contributes to the journal Capital Humano and is a member of the scientific and advisory committees of the journals Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics, Aurkilan Spanish Annualand Aloma.


Carlos M. Moreno Pérez

Ramón Llull University