Santiago Martínez



Santiago Martínez is a PhD candidate at IECO. His interests and research lie in leadership based on virtues, freedom, and motivation. Since the early 1990s, he has lived in Helsinki where he earned a degree in Political Science. He has an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics, now the Aalto University School of Business, where he teaches Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics. He is also a Visiting Professor in the MBA program at Strathmore Business School in Nairobi, Kenya.

Santiago is a founding partner of Providentia Ltd, a small Finnish company that offers seminars and training programs on leadership. He writes extensively, a Finnish blog on leadership and personal development. One of his passions is development cooperation and, as a result, he is currently involved in several development programs in countries such as Kenya, Bolivia, and Lebanon.


Santiago Martínez Alamar

Providentia Ltd.