The debate, which has just been released on Harvard Youtube Channel and was held in the headquarters of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard (RCC), was focused on how to contribute to strengthen ethics in businesses in a positive sense and of human excellence, contributing to the confidence in the organizations.

This seventh edition of the IECO-RCC International Colloquium titled “Ethics and Trust Matter in Business: To tribute to the Legacy of Michael Hoffman”, was a tribute to the recently died and pioneer to worldwide level in subjects of ethical business, the professor W. Michael Hoffman. After more than 40 years of work, Michael leaves a legacy to foster new generations to adopt true ethical leadership.

This year edition, celebrated the past April 4th, was moderated by Danilo Petranovich, Director of the AAI, who made a presentation of the activity. He then gave way to the intervention of the participants: Donna Hicks, Harvard University Professor; Dawn-Marie Driscoll, member of the Bentley University’s Hoffman Center for Business Ethics Advisory Board; Jim Hackett, businessman and professor of ethical business in Rice University; William Bowman, businessman and professor of leadership in the Busch School of Business, (CUA) and Fidel García-Guzmán, CEO of Guzman Global, a company member of the Chair of Ethical Business IECO-UV.

This series of colloquia was conceived seven years ago by the professor Manuel Guillén, Founder and Director of the IECO and the IECO-UV Business Ethics Chair. Manuel is nowadays Representative of the Universitat de València in the RCC in Harvard. From 2016, the event has been co-organized and supported by Cambridge Abigail Adams Institute. This initiative has the aim to promote the interdisciplinary reflection on subjects related to ethical business and the confidence in the organizations between academicians and professionals of the area of Boston.

The colloquium was recorded by the Media & Technology Services at the University of Harvard, and from this week is available on the Youtube Channel of this prestigious North American University.

“Ethics and Trust Matter in Business: A tribute to the Legacy of W. Michael Hoffman”

It is also possible to access the videos of previous editions of the Colloquiums by clicking on the title of each edition:

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