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Tyler VanderWeele, PhD, Harvard University

Donna Hicks, PhD, Harvard University

Aurelio Tornero, RNB

Nicolas Salvador, RGIB

Alejandro Cañadas, IECO Research Institute, UV.

Danilo Petranovich,  Abigail Adams Institute (Moderator)

The IECO Institute proposes in its Sixth International Colloquium at Harvard whether intangibles as trust, flourishing and meaningful work, can contribute to humanize business in a practical way.

“Trust Based Management: practical ways of humanizing business” was the title of the Sixth Annual IECO-RCC International Colloquium at Harvard University that took place on March 22 and brought together  around thirty academics and professionals from Boston, Texas, Washington and Chicago area.

Videos recorded by Media & Technology Services, Harvard University.

1. Trust Based Management: practical ways of humanizing business | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

2. Introduction to the Colloquium: humanizing business. Danilo Petranovich | IECO – AAI – Harvard

3. On the the promotion of human flourishing – Tyler VanderWeele | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

4. Leading with dignity humanizes business organizations – Donna Hicks | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

5. Caring about others: the revolution of small things – Aurelio Tornero | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

6. ‘Gossiping success’ builds trust and performance in teams – Nicolas Salvador | IECO – AAI – Harvard

7. The inherent goodness of business as a calling for service – Alejandro Cañadas | IECO – Harvard