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Dawn-Marie Driscoll, Advisory Board, Hoffman CBE.

Jim Hackett, Harvard MBA, CEO & Ethics professor, Rice University.

William Bowman, Harvard MBA, CEO & Leadership professor, CUA.

Fidel García-Guzman, CEO at Guzman Global co.

Donna Hicks, PhD,  Harvard University.

Danilo Petranovich, PhD, Abigail Adams Institute (Moderator)

Academics and executives debate at Harvard about the flaws and new challenges posed by ethics and trust in organizations at the Seventh International Colloquium IECO-RCC.

In the face of signs of corruption witnessed by the business world, especially at the beginning of the 21st century, the IECO upholds the need to promote a positive vision of the professionals who run corporations. It also proposes to disseminate the paradigm of people who govern organizations with ethical leadership, and revealing the work of those who promote the integral human development of their workers.

Videos recorded by Media & Technology Services, Harvard University.

1. Ethics and Trust Matter in Business A Tribute to the Legacy of W Michael Hoffman | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

2. Introduction to the Colloquium ethics and trust matter in business | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

3. Overcoming barriers to ethical conduct at the board level – Dawn Marie Driscoll | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

4. The duty of being an ethical leader – James T Hackett | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

5. Family business a long term approach based on ethical practices – Fidel García Guzmán | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

6. Creating a work environment based on human virtues – William Bowman | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

7. A “Dignity Model” to create a culture of Ethics and Trust – Donna Hicks | IECO – RCC – AAI – Harvard

8. Personal tribute to W. Michael Hoffman – Dawn Marie Driscoll | IECO | RCC | AAI