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LECTURESHIP – Navigating Social Responsibility During Economic Crisis

Navigating Social Responsibility During Economic Crisis: A conversation with Esther Tetreault

The Centre for Business Ethics at Bentley University, an IECO partner centre, is organising this event with the purpose of bringing distinguished executives to the Bentley University campus to speak to students, faculty, and staff about pressing ethical issues in corporate life.

The pandemic threw our economy into a tailspin last year when expert advice told us to shut down and stay home, for the health and safety of our community. Having built a business rooted strongly in creating shared experiences, welcoming thousands of people daily for on-premise consumption, that advice was inherently in conflict with most of our operational strategies for success. With little guidance from regulatory bodies, we saw a wide spectrum of adaptations within industries. How do you balance strategic planning for the survival of the company with a moral responsibility for protecting your community?

The lecture will be lead by Esther Tetreault, owner and co-founder of Trillium Brewing Company. Brewery founded in 2013 with the desire to create a lifestyle through craft beer, creating a way of life and building a community with which to share experiences. During the conversation she will discuss the challenges Trillium faced during the pandemic and how they managed to maintain financial viability and serve their customers.

The lectureship is sponsored by Raytheon Technologies

The online conference will take place at 2:00 pm (EST).

Please, note that this is a free event.



15 Jun 2024


14:00 - 15:30

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