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First Session Great Books on Management

On 3 November last, as part of the first session of the Great Books in Management Programme for the 2022 / 2023 academic year, we were honoured to have as our guest speaker Fidel García-Guzmán García, CEO of Guzmán Global, a third-generation family business with more than 83 years of history dedicated to the distribution and international marketing of raw materials for industry.

The Great Books in Management Programme, organised by the Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organisations (IECO), is designed to offer all those attending the session a practical vision of Humanistic Management through fundamental works for business management. The main objective of the sessions is to develop the ability to think globally, learning to integrate knowledge that allows us to better understand the fundamental problems we face today in the field of organisations and to find the best solutions, always putting people first.

After the opening of the session by Rita Jácome, Executive Director of IECO and the IECO-UV Chair of Business Ethics, the guest speaker, Fidel García-Guzmán García, presented the fundamental aspects of the 9 chapters of the book Give and Take by Adam Grant, recognised as book of the year, in a friendly and entertaining way and invited all attendees to reflect on why helping others leads to success.

Fidel García-Guzmán García shared with us curious and amusing examples that are included in the book and that will delight any management enthusiast.

Once the brilliant exhibition was over, through a series of selected fragments of the work, a dialogue was established between those present in the hall and those connected through the online channel.

The session was excellently moderated by Carlos María Moreno, PhD from Blanquerna, Ramón Llull University and IECO collaborator.

It was a very inspiring session in which the speaker synthesised in a masterly way the basic concepts that the author deals with in his book and with his testimony he helped us to exemplify how to put humanist culture into practice in the day-to-day life of organisations.  Without a doubt, we feel fortunate to be able to count on his presence in our programme.


First Session Great Books on Management
Rita Jácome (Executive Director) y  Fidel García – Guzmán García  (Managing Director of Guzmán Global)


More information: Rita Jácome (IECO Executive Director):

Translated by: Elena Samper

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