Decalogue of Best Practices

Competitive organizations committed to people,
well done work and service to society.

We present the Decalogue of Best Practices in Humanistic Leadership, a challenge for those companies with a shared ethical purpose of promoting a Humanistic Culture of care, trust and commitment; organizations that, without giving up their benefits, productivity and competitiveness, put the good of people and service to society first.

Who promotes this Decalogue?

This Decalogue is the result of the co-creation Lab reflections among academics and business owners and senior managers during the first week of May at the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard (RCC) promoted by IECO Institute and endorsed by the International Humanistic Management Association (IHMA) on June 1st, 2022.


What is the Decalogue of Best Practices in Humanistic Leadership?

The Decalogue of Best Practices in Humanistic Leadership published by IECO is a list of non-negotiable commitments to make organizations more humane places to work. Practices that, while contributing to the highest productivity of the organization, also ensure the immeasurable dignity of people and their human flourishing/happiness.
In short, a set of commitments inspired by the logic of love, a logic that leads to the search for the good of all people involved with the organization and to the balance between the organizational and the personal purpose of all its members, by carrying out a well done and productive work, with a sense of calling and service.

Why subscribe to the Decalogue?

Because we, business owners and managers who seriously want to put people at the center of the business activity, have the responsibility to promote a Humanistic Leadership, assuming the challenge of fostering care, trust, and commitment to people and the planet, while working for the creation of a Humanistic Culture in our organizations that seeks the truly human good of all the people involved in the organization, where personal and organizational purpose of all its members are aligned, fostering a vision of excellent, well done and highly productive work and with a sense of calling and service.

Organizations that share this vision and wish to join the Mission of promoting a Humanistic Culture, are committed to follow these practices:



in Humanistic Leadership











Organizations committed to the Decalogue of Good Practices in Humanistic Leadership



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